Family photo taken in Bojano, Molise

01 June 2022
INTERFIDE-CRT Pilot Tour nr. 1 successfully implemented!

The InterFide-CRT project successfully implemented the first Pilot Tour that will lead to the creation of a cross-border interreligious tour package. From 21 to 27 May 2022, the fist InterFide-CRT Pilot Tour started in Italy (stops in Bari, Canosa and Trani in Apulia; Castelpetroso, Bojano and Sepino in Molise), then crossed Albania (stops in Lezha and Shkodra) and Montenegro (stops in Podgorica and Bijelopolje) to finish with a last stop in the Albanian capital city, Tirana. 

Project partners selected and involved in the Tour a number of tour operators, influencers and travel bloggers who visited interreligious sites that were selected for their touristic and cultural value, with particular reference to accessibility, visibility and infrastructural quality. A particular attention was also put on the CO2 offsetting and environmental impact.

The Interfide-CRT travellers visited places of worship, archaeological sites, castles, museums and monuments and were stimulated into understanding interfaith tourism as a powerful driver to peace, tolerance and co-existance, as well as to inclusive and sustainable economic growth. By stimulating job creation, local crafts and food industries promotion, infrastructure development and investments it can really boost the local economies. 

Thanks to the involvement of the experts and sectoral stakeholders, the InterFide-CRT project will measure and evaluate the touristic potential of the itinerary and identify possible improvements to enhance its touristic appeal and visibility, especially in low seasons. This will be the basis for scaling up and transfer pilot results to larger EU and worldwide touristic schemes such as EPA Cultural Routes and UNWTO panels on Religious and Cultural Tourism.

By enhancing and promoting the touristic potential of inter-religious experiences in Italy, Albania and Montenegro as a result of the cooperation among policy-makers, religious authorities and sectoral stakeholders, the InterFide-CRT project will leverage the growing potential of religious tourism in the cooperation area, while contributing to building cultural dialogue, mutual understanding and peace.