23 June 2023
INTERFIDE-CRT Capitalisation Final Conference took place in Tirana 2023

The Interfide Final Conference "Culture among religions: new technologies, business models and new professional skills development" was held in Tirana on 20-21 June, organised by VIZart (LP) in collaboration with Bashkia Tiranë and Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar that hosted the event. The Conference marked the end of many months of fruitful cooperation as well as excellent achievements. The event was an occasion for project partners to meet again and celebrate the project results as well as to present the project main output to local and international stakeholders. Among them both religious authorities, tourism actors as well as young people.

InterFide was the first structured attemp to create an operative framework for the enhancement of the touristic potential of inter-religious experiences in Albania, Italy, and Montenegro. The InterFide Platform was presented as a new tool to support the development of interreligious tourism in the South Adriatic area and to promote valuable cooperation between tourism stakeholders across the area. Local and international tourism operators were informed about the project and the role of cross-border cooperation in promoting a new, integrated approach to interreligious tourism in the South Adriatic. They had the chance to establish a dialogue wth international peers and gain new knowledge and perspectives that they could possibly transfer in their jobs and businesses. This kind of stakeholders were involved in the InterFide porject all along its impkementation across the borders and was useful tot he project for gathering information about local tourism trends, demands and needs and to assess the work done with a view to capitalize it by envisaging new, participatory, tailor-made project ideas.

Young people were also involved in the Conference through the Municipality of Tirara and the National Youth Congress (Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar -KRK). KRK was the key implementers of Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 and in defining new youth-centred policies. This collaboration was very interesting as young people, with their fresh ideas and digital and creative skills can be excellent contributors to define a new tourism policy.

The InterFide partnership thanks all the participants in the two-days conference as well as the Programme bodies that supported the initiative, with expertise and cooperation. After such a positive experience, the belief that is at the basis of the InterFide project is once again reaffirmed: intereligious tourism can bring about more peace, respect and economic wealth to all.


Download the event's poster here.

Download the event's agenda here.

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